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The designer Alice Vaillant

Born in Paris in 1995, Alice Vaillant joined at very young age the Paris Opera Ballet School. 

Her classical dance training brought her a lot of different inspirations and artistic references.

Alice Vaillant was on sports study during 7 years.
She eventually decided to move on from dance and study fashion in Montreal. 

She joined Jean-Paul Gautier’s studio, followed by an experience at Nina Ricci before establishing Vaillant in 2020.

Alice Vaillant's designs focuses flou and works on deconstructing and draping around the body in motion.



Vaillant is a Women Ready-to-wear Brand Created by the Artistic Director Alice Vaillant.  

Paris based, Vaillant is designed by a young woman for different femininities.

Vaillant silhouettes reflect a reinterpretation of femininity, reappropriating women's bodies. Pride of bodies, of their differences and their multiplicity.

Vaillant remains a powerful tool of patriarchal oppression.

The clothes are structured with efficient lines and strong basics. 

The aesthetic of each collection is inspired by fluidity and mouvement.

The identity of the brand associates the codes of an hybrid wardrobe mixing strong, poetry and sensuality. 

VAILLANT is committed to an eco-responsible approach: the collections are produced in France and Europe, limiting unnecessary

transport as much as possible, and the materials are carefully sourced to respect the environment.

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